"Nopes" Redwood Spring Handmade 4 oz. Soy Candle

"Nopes" Redwood Spring Handmade 4 oz. Soy Candle

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We have some of the Redwood Spring candles available as "Nopes" because the pour temperature created texture issues on the top layer, or because the dry scent throw is weak, meaning when you smell the candle dry, it's harder to get a sense of the scent, but once it's burning the scent is closer normal. Please choose which one you would like from the drop-down.

Our Redwood Spring candles are reminiscent of sopping redwood forest trails in the spring, lined with lush ferns, blooming flowers, and flowing rivers. This scent is subtly earthy with floral overtones.

Our candles are poured by hand to ensure attention to detail and a one-of-a-kind creation.

End of life: Soak the tin in hot water to soften any remaining wax and wipe clean with a rag.  Remove the metal wick holder (it's adhered with biodegradable glue) and recycle the metal base with your recyclables. Clean thoroughly with soap and water, allow to dry, and reuse!