Can I return my order/get a refund?

Because our primary concern is always environmental first, and all our policies are based on the environmental effects, Nudi Goods does not accept returns or provide refunds, as online returns generate 5 billion pounds of waste per year in the United States and 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. In addition, returning products poses a hygienic issue due to the nature of body and skincare products. We encourage smart shopping by only purchasing what is needed.

Please get in touch if you have ordered a product that has arrived damaged, as case-by-case exceptions can be made.

If you are unsatisfied with the performance of a product, please refer to the hints and tips informational sheets at www.nudigoods.com/shop-local/

My address was incorrect/I did not pick up my package in time and my order is probably going to get sent back. What next?

If you provided the wrong address and items get sent back, or if you fail to pick up a package with your local postal provider, we will provide a refund for the cost of the items not including shipping. Because the address provided by the customer is directly transferred to the shipping label, we are not responsible for returned or forwarded packages due to address errors, or refusal to accept packages/delayed pickup (for example, if being held at P.O. boxes or post office).

Feel free to get in touch with any shipping concerns once your package is in transit, but please understand that because USPS is a separate entity, we have access to the same tracking information that you do. Your local post office will have the most update and detailed information regarding delayed or returned packages, or packages being held locally for pickup.

Do you ship outside of the US? How much does it cost? Do I have to pay import taxes?

Yes! We offer shipping worldwide, and we pay carbon offsets for all shipments.

All shipping prices are automatically calculated based on USPS prices (which transfer to your country’s local postal service), so the prices are calculated at checkout.

Import taxes are dependent on your local government and postal service, so unfortunately we don’t know if you will be charged and how much. The best option is to look into your local government or postal service’s policies and ask in person/over the phone.


Are you able to ship orders without plastic?

No plastic is used in shipment! We use a gummed paper tape and reused materials for padding (paper, newspapers, shredded paper, and occasionally biodegradable packing peanuts). If you have any further questions or concerns, get in touch!

What's the difference between the two mascara options?

There is none! The round, biodegradable container is sometimes slightly over-filled because of the container shape/size, so you may get a bit more product, but otherwise the only difference is the container. One common request is to send the tin containers back for refill, however the cost to do this plus offset the carbon emissions would require us to raise the prices exponentially to cover these costs. In addition, the mascaras last a REALLY long time, so it's unlikely you would even need a refill within the same year! That's where the biodegradable container comes into play. For those of you who don't want to reuse or recycle the metal containers, we have a true zero waste option! Many customers prefer the durability of the metal containers, so rather than switching over, we kept both.

How long does the mascara stay hygienic?

Because our mascara is a wax based product and does not contain any water (unlike traditional mascaras!), it does not host bacterial growth and you can use it indefinitely. We recommend switching out mascaras every 8-12 months, or if you still have plenty of mascara left, you can scrape off the top layer for a fresh layer.

*We do not recommend using your spoolie with other mascara or brow products (our Lion brow wax is ok since it's also a wax-based product that similarly does not contain water) unless you clean the brush (mild soap and warm water is fine if you don't have a designated brush cleaning product) and allow it to fully dry between uses. We recommend patting the brush dry with an old t-shirt fabric or low-fiber material (towels/terrycloth tends to snag fibers on the hard bristles of the brush) and letting it air dry for a couple hours before using again.

If you are not using the brush with other products, you do not have to clean it as frequently since our wax-based products do not host bacterial growth.

How am I supposed to store my spoolie?

This is up to you - if you have a jar or or caddy for brushes in your bathroom that's totally fine. If you have drawer separators you can designate one for brushes. If you plan to carry your spoolie around and don't want it to get mascara on other items in your bag you can wrap it burrito style in a piece of scrap cloth for travel.

How long do products last? / How long if I use ____ everyday?

This depends on how much you use them! There's no easy answer to this question, because some people will apply multiple layers per day, sometimes a few times a day! Our products generally last quite a long time since they do not contain filler ingredients; a little goes a long way!

Tell me about your vegan options.

We do have a vegan version of the Hint of Mint lip balm, otherwise please get in touch for custom vegan requests. Lip balms are able to be made vegan, however the pricing is higher for custom made-to-order products.

Is your beeswax cruelty free?

We source our beeswax from one supplier/apiary that is hormone, antibiotic, and cruelty-free, and does not use non-organic chemicals on their farm. While the farm is not certified organic, they follow organic practices, and they provide all beeswax plastic-free.

Why don’t you switch to a vegan option instead of using beeswax?

This is a huge one, and something we’re passionate about! While we’d love to go fully vegan, there’s a handful of requirements at play that many people aren’t aware of having not been immersed in production day to day:

While most animal products are not humane, or are exploitative, beeswax is a little different. A great beekeeper will work with the colony to sustain and help the colony thrive in a world where wild bees are dying off at alarming rates. They will work with the apiary environment to determine the best location in terms of weather exposure/protection, temperature, protection from predators, etc. that will be successful and humane, and they’ll manage any potential infestations or other natural threats to the bees. They will also never use pesticides or non-organic products anywhere on their farm, they’ll leave the bees with plenty of pollen and honey for success, and they will understand that the bees come first. We currently work with a small apiary that produces *incredible* beeswax using these methods, and they ship the wax in totally plastic-free, home-compostable packaging, so we’re thrilled to support their work.

Aside from the reasons stated above as to why Nudi Goods supports beeswax, there are strict requirements in the search for vegan alternative ingredients, and we have yet to find something that fulfills the top three requirements:

  1. We want to know where our ingredients are coming from, and many vegan alternatives are tropical plant products that come from a large supply chain where we cannot trace who is sourcing of the ingredients, nor do we have any idea of the carbon footprint of these products. This means we don’t know if laborers are paid fairly, if the sourcing is ethical, if the sourcing displaces animals in the wild or causes deforestation, or how far the products have traveled (and how), among other concerns.
  2. Since our beeswax is currently sourced plastic-free and closes the waste loophole, switching to an alternative that is shipped in large plastic bags or buckets would mean moving backwards. We have yet to find a vegan alternative that is not produced in small wax-beads. The beads are difficult to maintain cleanliness, because dust/debris in shipment can get mixed in. These are just two reasons why suppliers refuse to ship plastic-free.
  3. Lastly, the alternative needs to perform well in-product. Beeswax is very hard, and has a bit of a tackiness to it without grease or stickiness, which creates the perfect consistency in lip balms and mascara specifically. Most of the vegan alternatives we have tested do not hold up as well in-product, and it would be a disappointment to customers to have a vegan product that simply does not work, or has a forgettable performance.

Do you use responsible Mica sources?

Yes! Nudi Goods only uses mineral or natural (no synthetic or chemical) pigments for tinted/shimmer products.  Our minerals and pigments are purchased from a local supplier providing a child-labor free guarantee.

Are your products organic?

While we do try to choose organic whenever possible, one of our main philosophies is that sustainability should accessible to all people, regardless of income. Some ingredients do not fall under the umbrella of what is able to be certified organic (i.e. mined minerals), and others are at an exponentially higher price point, making certain products only accessible to a more exclusive crowd. In other scenarios, ingredients come from just-as-good-as-organic suppliers, but the reasoning for why it’s not organic might be financial or political. We believe that, in certain situations, the organic label is just that: a label, and therefore it’s not our highest priority to be able to say all our products are organic.

What's in ______ product?

All product ingredients are listed in the product listing on our website!

Are your products multi-purpose? I.E. can the mascara be used as eyeliner, can the lip tints be used on cheeks, etc.?

Yes and no. Many people use the lip colors on their cheeks or eyelids, as well as the shimmer sticks. The moisturizer options can be used anywhere (face, body, etc.) and the Sinus Soothe can be used similarly to a vapor rub or as a lip balm.

The only “no” is the mascara being used as eyeliner. In all honesty, it doesn’t stack up as an eyeliner. Some people totally use it as an eyeliner, and if it works for you that’s great, but we don’t think it’s comparable to the fine liquid liners or pencils on the market, so we don’t feel comfortable advertising it as an eyeliner if it’s going to disappoint customers.

Does the brow wax work for the "soap brow" effect?

This depends... When we think of "soap brows" we think of cirque du soleil acrobats plastering their brows to their face so they wouldn't get in the way of their costume makeup. In this traditional meaning of the term, absolutely not. Everything we do is super natural. If you're thinking of the softened, evolved boy-brow version that's much more palatable today, yes. The Lion Brow taming wax is designed for brushing nice, healthy brows into place and keeping them in place. One difference is that the Lion Brow Taming Wax is much more soft and nourishing than using soap on your brows. While everything stays in place, they're not crusty, and we think that's a good thing.

Does the brow wax work as a clear mascara to build up lashes?

No. The brow wax has a different consistency from mascaras/products that coat lashes, and it will not achieve this effect.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

We are a very small company. Sometimes people forget this! As a small business,  shipping is only available to us, and therefore to you, at the calculated at market rates. We do not have access to discounts and price cuts the same way that many large ecommerce companies and corporations do, so the prices reflect how much it costs to ship the product. We do not make a profit off shipping prices. While we'd love to be able to offer cheaper prices on shipping, at the moment, the best work-around for international customers is to place an order alongside a couple friends so everyone can get a couple items and can more affordably split the cost of shipping.

Do you offer wholesale?

Please contact NudiGoods@gmail.com to inquire, and please provide relevant links to your shop’s website and social media to make the process faster. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer wholesale accounts to pop-up shop/farmer’s market businesses, as we have found in the past there are too many variables beyond our control (for example, temperature is one of them), and we want to provide customers with the best product offering possible.

I am a blogger/influencer/etc. Do you offer products or compensation in exchange for product reviews/posts/exposure?

We truly value our enthusiastic customers and the awesome word of mouth they have provided us – it’s our best marketing! To us it seems unfair and untruthful to offer those with a following free products in exchange for what we consider a biased review. If you spend your money on a product and love it so much that you honestly want to tell all your friends about it, that means the world and makes us want to work harder to make even more awesome products!

Do you need models?

Sure! We’re always on the lookout for awesome humans local to SF/Santa Cruz/Monterey to work with in the future! All “looks” are welcome, just shoot an email to nudigoods@gmail.com with a brief intro, some non-posed / non-selfie shots, and some candid shots if you have them! Insta links are welcome for review if they’re public, but not required at all.  *Bonus points if your Insta shows off your personality and interests as opposed to just your looks 🙂