If you would like orders to arrive before Christmas, please order no later than December 12th, as shipping services can be unpredictable around the holidays. Everything is made by hand, to-order, so orders take 2-5 to process before shipping. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


About Nudi Goods

Nudi Goods started in a cabin in the Marin Headlands in 2017 where scientists, researchers, interns, and students live while studying and working with marine mammals. Nudi Goods’ founder started developing plastic-free goods as a creative outlet while working for a wildlife hospital and ocean conservation nonprofit. After living plastic-free for a year and nearing zero waste living, she found it difficult to find alternatives to certain products, even in the most environmentally conscious area of the United States.

Nudi Goods believes in ocean friendly, plastic-free living inspired by our natural world and accessible to all. Nudi products are made with love, plastic-free packaging, and very few ingredients for a simple, honest approach to undefined beauty. While Nudi Goods is a small business, it’s growing due to a demand for truly environmentally responsible products and the desire to vote with our wallet, even if on a small scale. Larger companies will only follow suit and adhere to customer demands when smaller businesses take the risk first and prove it’s worthwhile – if nothing else, Nudi Goods aims to take the risk for creating a new normal for our planet.


About the Founder

Jaime is a photographer who has lived and worked all over the country, from NY to LA with sustainable brands, environmental agencies, magazines, and everything between. She is a certified California Naturalist, rescuer of marine mammals (when permitted, let’s not forget they’re federally protected… keep your distance!), activist, bad surfer, and 5 Gyres Ambassador/anti-plastic human. After seeing firsthand how much plastic pollution is in our oceans and how much plastic is on our store shelves, she created Nudi Goods.