Add An Eyeshadow or Lip Brush

Add An Eyeshadow or Lip Brush

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For those who need a brush to apply our loose powder colors, we offer two options. Of course we always recommend you reuse whatever you already have, but if you simply don't have something to use, we gotcha covered!


Eyeshadow Sponge: A bamboo handle with a small black sponge at the end best used for applying loose powder eyeshadow colors

Lip Brush: A bamboo handle with a tapered and slanted brush at the end, best for making clean lines on lips (though you could totally use it for eyeshadow too!).

We recommend applying some of our Hint of Mint lip balm to your lips, or Redwood Rain Dry Oil moisturizer for a gloss look, then tapping the brush in whichever loose color you'd like to use, and applying it to your lips to mix in with the balm/moisturizer.